Nerd humor

I love science and physics in particular: it’s not that I think about it 24/7 but it intertwines with my life, thoughts and sense of humor. So here is a post dedicated to nerd jokes, staring with my humble contributions; let me know if you have the same nag and would like to share your creations with the outside world.

P.S. I can promise anonymity if you like 😉

P.P.S. I do not claim authorship of jokes/graphics unless otherwise explicitly stated.

“How’s life outside work?” “I’d like to form a binary, possibly a coalescing one”

For me chocolate is a quantum object: the higher its mass, the shorter its lifetime 

Congratulations to Alice and Bob for maintaining a successful long-distance relationship for all these years (by Sean Carrol, @seanmcarrol)

Stratinonfiction: Cartoon by Chris Slane


Virus and Retrovirus via Pedromics

This scientific joke is pure romance! I found it online a while ago and don’t remember if it came from Howard.





From Superman/Batman #79-80 From Superman/Batman #79-80 “World’s Finest” by Chris Roberson and Jesus Merino



Created by Roz Chast at The New Yorker


You may have noticed that I haven’t been blogging much in the last couple of years. After producing the animation on gravitational waves, I have refocused my career from science communication and outreach to teaching.

In the past academic year, I successfully attended the International Post Graduate Certificate Course that Durham University jointly offers with the International School of Geneva.

The days preceding the end of the year ceremony, I felt inspired and composed these few rhymes about what the course represented and what teaching means to me. I dedicate them to all my fellow teachers colleagues and the students with whom we are entrusted.

“It was dense, it was intense

To become a teacher, it makes sense

A scientist, a psychologist

A librarian, a technician

A physician, a mathematician

Creative, normative

Adaptive, reflexive

A friendly face,

Who works with pace

Who’s there for all

Waits them in the hall

Knows their names

Soothes their pains

Organizes, improvises

Preaches and teaches

Values and lessons

With words and in person

A talker, a listener

A giver, a believer

A dreamer, an entertainer …

It is dense, it is intense

To be a teacher, it makes sense”

Umorismo nerd

Mi scuseranno i miei due lettori ma la mia passione per le scienze mi porta anche a concepire dell’umorismo nerd. La seguente freddura ha appena preso forma nella mia immaginazione: la incido su questa pietra virtuale con la minaccia di produrne (e condividerne) altre in futuro.

P.S. ovviamente siete invitati a contribuire, se ve la sentite, anche in maniera anonima.

Qual è la particella elementare più fastidiosa?
Il gluone, perché s’accolla.

Una volta preso il via è difficile fermarsi: qui di seguito le freddure che trovo o concepisco.

A Natale stai aumentando la tua massa a riposo 😉

Stavolta ho come il presentimento che ci andrò coi piedi di piombo … anzi, di materia a quark. 

“A parte il lavoro, come va la vita?”
“Vorrei formare una binaria, possibilmente coalescente”

Qual è il colmo per un insetto che si crede integerrimo?

Avere degli esoscheletri nell’armadio.

(Jurne Velles)